I firmly believe that the most important piece of “fabric design technology” in recent memory has to be the wide waistband. Bunched-up elastic waistbands, often found in primitive gym shorts —and in most of the pants my father wears—do little to flatter the feminine form. They basically keep your pants from falling off while you run, but honestly ladies, at what cost?

Wide waistbands are now the norm for yoga pants, a.k.a. the pants I wear everyday despite rarely actually doing yoga. When you get to the intricacies of running shorts, sometimes the wide waistband, while always the more flattering choice, fall rather (pardon the pun) short. Either the band is too loose, causing it to slip down while you run, or worse, it’s too tight, meaning you spend the majority of your run messing with your pants and shirt trying to hide your muffin top. Do you not have a muffin top? Well, congratulations. Now please never run next to me. 

The waistband on the DeSoto running shorts is made of their “Carrera” fabric, and really it’s what makes these shorts so great. Soft enough to feel comfortable while you run, but taut in just the right places, these shorts slip on like butter—and then mercifully stay there. The back pocket is large enough for money, gels, etc., as well.   

The body of the shorts is made with DeSoto’s MicroSurf fabric, which is similar to lightweight boardshort material. I wore these on a hike near the beach on a hot day and was able to slip directly into the water to cool off. Within minutes of leaving the water my shorts were dry. After several washes, the Micro Surf fabric has stayed in remarkable shape, with no shrinking or pilling at all. These shorts do run on the short side, (the, inseam on a size small is just 6 cm) so be aware of that before purchase. 

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of running shorts for the summer months, or the perfect pair for a beach vacation, these are a solid choice.