On Sunday, September 7 2014, BMX legend Dave Mirra raced the Subaru Ironman 70.3 World Championships aboard his new custom-painted Cervélo P5. The design was personalized by Cervélo Graphic Designer Tom Briggs to highlight Mirra’s start in the sport of Triathlon and dedication to his family.


Mirra qualified for the 70.3 World Championships with a great result in Ironman 70.3 Galveston, TX event and he was first introduced to Triathlon by close friend and fellow athlete Eric Hinman Riding with Eric and training partners around his hometown of Syracuse, NY was Mirra’s first exposure to triathlon. However, the galvanizing moment came while watching the mass start of Ironman Lake Placid while supporting his friend.

Standing on the beach, with the emotion of hundreds of athletes was a moving experience for Mirra. And when the cannon sounded, he knew he wanted to be a part of the sport. That moment served as the inspiration for Briggs’ design.

“The Cannon played a huge role in the design,” explains Briggs. “The bike is essentially the representation of that projectile flung forth at speed from the cannon the red lines indicate the sound of the explosion, which in this case comes from the power source at the rear wheel.”

On the top of the bike, facing the rider, is based on Mirra’s own ideas of what it is to race Triathlon.  According to Briggs, “it represents the start line, the finish line, all the emotions the athlete goes through, and the inspirations he draws upon during the race.” This element also includes the names of those closest to Mirra: his family.


Dave Mirra is dedicated to his family and is the huge force behind the #BEADADNOTAFAD cause. Aside from the names of his family, this line is included in the detail inside the chain stays of his P5. The inner fork and stays have a sharp chrome treatment, which “bring a contrast to the black-on-black tonal qualities that are a nod to Dave’s personal aesthetic,” explains Briggs.