Camilla Pedersen, who crashed on her bike September 2nd and spent 19 days in induced coma, has done great progress in her rehabilitation, and she is now given permission to leave the Hammel Neuro Centre to return home for the weekend under supervision.
As a part of Camilla Pedersen’s treatment at Hammel Neuro Centre, where her rehabilitation has been taken place since September 24th, the doctors have given her permission to stay a few days in her own home this weekend – under supervision.

Camilla Pedersen has already done major progress and is walking around on her own, making her own lunch and has even pedaled a little on a home trainer. She is very serious about her rehabilitation and is eager to work hard and that is why the doctors at the neuro centre has decided to let Camilla go home for the weekend.

“The doctors say it will be good for her further development to come home to her own place for a few days to try and handle more on her own and to get her thoughts on other things than the rehabilitation. It is still important for her to rest and not get exposed to too many people and new impressions,” Janni Moeller Thomsen, Camilla’s friend, says.

Camilla Pedersen has started reading a few of the hundreds of greetings and support that has been posted on various social media and the big concern for her makes her speechless.

“Camilla is overwhelmed that so many has shared their concern for her fight of her life and follows her rehabilitation. It makes her very happy and as soon as she feels ready for it, she will post a greeting, I can promise that!” Janni Moeller Thomsen says.

It is important that she is given peace and rest at her home, and therefore people are kindly asked not to visit her or contact her, but to use the group on Facebook (click here) to send her greetings.