Did you know that Biestmilch is the old German word for the colostrum? Or that colostrum is the milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals just before they give birth? Or, even more interestingly, did you know that people willingly consume this substance in tablet form? Perhaps if you knew why they did, you would too.

The company Biestmilch markets and sells colostrum in three different forms: Biestmilch Biest Booster, for “giving your body extra energy and bridge times of weakness”, Biestmilch Chewy Tablets, for “maintaining your body’s balance and stimulating your metabolism” meant for daily use, and Biestmilch Capsules, for “fine-tuning your personal dosage of Colostrum to reach 100% natural well-being.”

Now, I’m going to be 100-percent honest here and say that consuming a cow’s breast milk wasn’t on the top of my day’s must-do list. But I decided to try a Biestmilch Biest Booster, as well as to look into the company, their mission, and the benefits of Biestmilch, and realized that for a lot of people, consuming cow’s breast milk is on the top of their day’s to do list, and with very good reason.

The benefits of colostrum are plentiful and undeniable. Naturally designed as “the essential sip into life” as Biestmilch puts it, “it’s the first nutrition we get in touch with” and “turns all the organ system into functioning mode, the metabolism, the immune system, nerves, locomotion, blood vessels etc.” There are countless accounts of customers who have implemented Biestmilch into their daily diets and thus seen improvements in the strength of their immune systems and their ability to workout harder and longer without an energy drain. Biestmilch is a mainstay for Ironman champions like Sebastian Kienle and Rachel Joyce looking for added nutrition and energy as they prepare for Ironman races.

Though the tablet is chalky like, supplements of this kind typically are, that is a small price to pay for the immense benefits you receive from consuming it. And speaking of price, the Biest Booster Medium, which contains 9 tablets, is available on the Biestmilch website for $32.00. And when you think about it, you can’t really put a price on a healthy immune system, especially if you’ve put months upon months of energy and effort and heart into training for a race just to get sick on the airplane trip to the event beforehand. It’s a small price to pay for a guarantee that your immune system will be up to par when you need it most.

So whether you need a boost before you start your race, or you want to build up the strength of your immune system over time, considering colostrum isn’t such a crazy idea after all. In fact, seeing as I skipped my coffee this morning, without having had my Biestmilch Biest Booster, which combines Biestmilch and Guarana to “give your body extra energy and bridge times of weakness”, you may have never read this review and learned all about colostrum. So, we owe some big thanks to a few cows out in New Zealand.