Danish high performance bearing manufacturer, CeramicSpeed, confirm superstar triathletes Craig Alexander and Rachel Joyce as the final additions to the 2014 sponsorship roster.

In 2011 CeramicSpeed became the recognised bearing partner of Specialized Bicycles. Since early 2007 SRAM have chosen CeramicSpeed bearings for all Red bottom bracket systems. As the company continues to grow in stature, the unveiling of both Alexander and Joyce reiterates CeramicSpeed’s strong standing amongst the worlds best.

“As a professional athlete I spend everyday training to make performance gains: training hard and smart, eating right, recovering properly: I want to cover all the bases as small changes lead to marginal gains that add up.  I look at the equipment I use in the same way and by partnering with CeramicSpeed I feel I am making another important performance gain.” said 2013 Ironman World Championships runner-up, Rachel Joyce.

“There is only a small percentage of separation between the top athletes in the sport, but often times, its the athletes that focus on the small things that consistently win races.” said three time Ironman World Champion and two time Ironman 70.3 Champion, Craig Alexander.

CeramicSpeed’s complete sponsorship roster for 2014 includes a London 2012 Olympian, three Ironman World Champions, one Ironman European Champion and no-less than ten Ironman champions.

Craig Alexander and Rachel Joyce are to join Gwen Jorgensen, Frederik Van Lierde, Leanda Cave, Tyler Butterfield, Rebekah Keat, Victor Del Corral, Meredith Kessler, Greg & Laura Bennett, Mathias Hecht, Camilla Pedersen, Michelle Vesterby, Jens Petersen-Bach, Jimmy Johnsen, Martin Jensen and Ã…sa Lundström. All athletes will be riding CeramicSpeed bottom brackets, pulley wheels and wheel kits. Selected athletes will ride CeramicSpeed exclusive ‘coated’ line of products further enhancing friction reduction and product lifetime.

“When a company has athletes of this calibre on it’s books you know that there must be real substance behind the claims made by the product.” added Joyce.

Managing Director of CeramicSpeed, Martin Banke emphasises that the inclusion of Alexander and Joyce is further certification of what CeramicSpeed represents “It is an incredible feeling. To look at the sponsorship roster we have today and recognise where we have come from. Everyone in the company works so hard to be the best in category. We are succeeding.”

“Each and every athlete riding CeramicSpeed is a credit to the company. We are talking about the best athletes in the world asking to ride our products, it doesn’t get any better than that.”