Today, 2XU unveils a new approach to compression. This isn’t just another “latest and greatest” new product launch, it’s a whole new approach, an introduction of three new compression categories that promise to make shopping for socks an education. We visited the Australian company’s California headquarters a few weeks ago to check out this new approach, and were impressed by the clarity they’re bringing to an often misunderstood genre of performance apparel.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel,” CEO Richard Verney told us. “We just want to make sure people know what the change is.” We went away certain that the company’s move is not only rooted in science, but that it offers the maxiumum benefits to triathletes.


2XU introduces three categories of compression: one for active performance, one for recovery, and another for everything in between. All the apparel still features the PWX® fabric technology we all know and love, engineered in collaboration with Australia’s leading Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). This new approach to compression makes it easier for consumers to make decisions, as the garments are now categorized under PERFORM (designed for active use), XFORM (appropraite for both activve and recovery purposes), and REFRESH (ideal for athletes with particularly high recovery demands). These three stages of garments effectively tailor-make compression to the individual athlete’s needs.

Available for fall, this evolution represents another impressive chapter in the already successful 2XU story. The garments are worn by athletes from a variety of disciplines and sports, including NFL player Steve Weatherford and 2011 Ironman Austria podium finisher Michi Weiss. 2XU is also the the official compression supplier to the prestigious Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) and Ironman.

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